Julie Arnold is a fellow romantic suspense author with Anaiah Press. Her latest book, Nothing Ventured, is available now. 

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When Maizey Faye’s fiancé dumps her, leaving her with nothing but a lonely, little tree farm in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, she sees it as the fresh start she so desperately needs. So what if she knows next to nothing about tree farming. It can’t be that hard, right? Wrong! She’s in over her head, and if she doesn’t figure it out soon, she’ll lose everything.

Maizey never imagined her salvation would come in the form of her handsome business rival, Jax Lawson. She’s not sure if she can trust him or if he’s just another traitorous man to add to her growing list. But when she starts receiving mysterious messages and dangerous threats, she has no choice but to accept Jax’s help. With her life on the line, she’ll learn real soon whether Jax is sincere about his affections or if it’s all been a lie to get his hands on her farm.


“Dance with me,” Jax murmured, his lips brushing over her skin.
Dance with Jax? No, no, no! Her coordination was roughly on par with a swarm of mayflies blowing arbitrarily into people’s
vinyl siding.
“C’mon, Maizey.” He chuckled at her gawkiness. “I promise I’ll
return you just how I found you.”
“Thanks, but no.”
He gave her a look that could charm a grizzly bear. “Is it the dancing thing, or the ‘with me’ thing?”
She sighed. “I am the worst dancer on the planet. And with the added complication of high heels, I would be falling all over you.”.
“Maizey, I’ve held on to twelve-foot trees in tree shakers with icy wind and snow pelting me in the face. I think I can handle a little slip of a girl in heels.”
Hoo, boy. She was jumpier than a crooked politician before a senate investigation committee.
What if she danced with Jax and didn’t like it?
What if she danced with Jax and liked it?

You can buy NOTHING VENTURED here: shorturl.at/dINU1

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Facebook: @SylvaniaChristianAuthor
Twitter: @Jarnoldwriter
Blog: arnoldbooks.wordpress.com

I’m personally partial to hero’s named “Jax”! Are you a fan of romantic suspense novels where the heroine must “go home” to find herself after a traumatic event?

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