Welcome back to the Blog Allison! Tell us a little bit about yourself for those who didn’t meet you the first time around: 

I’ve lived in a lot of different places, but country roads and hills are my favorite. And preferably those hills would be covered in snow. I’m a fall and winter girl all the way. My best friend during the summer is the AC. When I’m not writing suspense, I’m reading or walking my dog, Sal

Now, can you describe your story in 5 sentences or less? 

Lizzy Bennet loves life as a lawyer in the city. And not just because of the miles it puts between her and her ex. However, when she’s attacked on the street just hours after learning her identity was stolen, she tries to call home for help and ends up with the last person she expects: the very same high school boyfriend who broke her heart. He says he’s there to help, but she’s not so sure, and now, all the endless questions and regrets are clouding her judgment and preventing her from seeing the dangerous saboteur closing in.

I love the sounds of that premise! What was the catalyst for your interest in writing?

Writing has kind of jumped all over the timeline for me. I started crafting stories because of the movies I was watching as a kid though. I was a know-it-all movie buff/critic before I was 12 years old. Watching movies like Star Wars and The Princess Bride made me want to create worlds and stories of my own. That I would want to read.

Do you have a day job? If so, how do you find time in your day to write?

I work part-time for my church. It’s awesome and not just because it keeps me from falling victim to my reclusive nature lol. Being part of such a giving organization is so rewarding and it is so encouraging to see real people of faith just being real. Finding time to write is hard whether you have a day job or not. There’s always something demanding your attention. You just have to fight for it. And start to think of sleep as optional. Kidding but not really.

 What led you to publish with Anaiah Press?

When I finished Glazed Suspicion, I wanted to find a Christian publisher with a reputation of integrity and faith. Anaiah flashed on my radar pretty quickly.

Are you a night owl or morning person?

Mostly, I feel like neither. I love my sleep. But I am more likely to pull an all-nighter to work rather than try and fail to get up early.

Were there any surprises that came up as you wrote your story?

Pretty much everything is a surprise for me. I’m not much of a planner or outliner. So, I usually don’t even know what’s going to happen in the next sentence.

Who was your favorite character to create?

I love Lizzy. She’s feisty and brave but struggles like the rest of us too. It’s fun to be in her head.

Who was the first person you allowed to read your completed book?

My husband doesn’t usually read my published stuff until it’s in print, but I let him read the books I’m too scared to show to anyone else. The ones that are the ‘maybe somedays.’ The ones I’m nervous about.

I love your cover for SPRINKLED WITH SABOTAGE. Here’s a short excerpt from it:



“Thank you for the information but I think I’ll be going now.”

Detective Young dropped her arms and braced herself against the table. “Excuse me?”

Lizzy slid a business card across the table. “Any other questions you have can go to my lawyer.”

The detective flicked the card away. “I can hold you here.”

Finally, Lizzy let herself roll her eyes. “You’ll be holding a statue because I promise you won’t get another word. And if you drag my lawyer in here, he won’t have any comment either. I’ve given you nothing and you’ve just laid out your whole case. Get some evidence that isn’t circumstantial and then arrest me for whatever it is you think I’m involved in. Until then, I’m going home.”

The door flew open and someone burst into the room. The detective smacked a hand on the table. “Get out of here. I’m in the middle of an interrogation.”

Lizzy grinned at her. “Actually, you were just finishing one—” She glanced at the intruder and her mouth dropped open. Agent Lucas Sterling—one of the last people she expected to see here—was looking right at her.

“What are you doing here?” A flash of panic coursed through her. If the FBI was coming to take her, things could be a lot worse than she thought.

He shrugged. “Your boyfriend called me.”

Release Date: 10/27/20

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She trusts him with her life. But what about her heart?

Lizzy Bennet loves life as a lawyer in the city. And not just because of the miles it puts between her and her ex. However, when she’s attacked on the street just hours after learning her identity was stolen, she tries to call home for help and ends up with the last person she expects: the very same high school boyfriend who broke her heart. He says he’s there to help, but she’s not so sure, and now, all the endless questions and regrets are clouding her judgment and preventing her from seeing the dangerous saboteur closing in.

Small-town auto mechanic, Koby Knightly, is looking forward to seeing a car show in the city. But when an unexpected call from his old girlfriend disconnects suddenly, he rushes to her apartment only to find her limping and bleeding. Throwing his plans out the window, Koby makes it his mission to protect her and discover the identity of the person trying to frame her. Will he also be able to figure out what went wrong between them back in high school or will a killer get to her first?

Sounds like the perfect Fall read! You can buy Allison’s book online at Amazon.com, and you can find her at the links below:

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About Allison Pearl:

Allison Pearl is a small-town girl who’s lived just about everywhere. She loves books, tea, chocolate, and watching old movies with her husband and black lab, Sal. To keep in touch and get updates on new releases follow her Facebook page ‘Books by Pearl’ or follow her on Twitter at @AllisonPearl5 and Instagram at @allisonnicolepearl

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