Author Interview with Katherine Barger

Author Interview with Katherine Barger

” What are my chances of actually making it to Fortune’s Fall? Not high. Then again, according to Pallas, there’s a network helping people get there. True, some people have been caught. But what if I’m not?

“Can I really do this?” I say aloud to my empty room. I scan the furniture. The walls. My messy bed. It’s all so familiar to me after seven years that I usually overlook the paisley on the quilt and the stain on the rug where an exhausted Ethelind tripped and dropped an entire pan of accidentally undercooked brownies one night. We ate them anyway. A mud puddle laced with carpet fibers, scooped up with spoons and laughed about later. I blink, and the memory is gone.

“I’m going to do this.” I turn toward my closet, grab a shirt, and pull it over my head.

“I have to do this for my family.” I zip my jeans.

“For Pallas.” I tie my shoes.

I’m a robot. Don’t think. Just act.

“I’m going to do this,” I repeat.

If I stop talking, if I stop moving, the likelihood of failure will paralyze me. I pull my hair into a ponytail and open the door, tiptoe across the common room and into the hall. The door closes behind me without a sound.”

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Author Interview with Katherine Barger

Author Interview with Gaynell Parker

I swiveled to look out my small window at the rainy streets. Growing up, I had known for sure that He was in my life and guided me. I wasn’t feeling guided now.

As I turned back to my computer, the large framed letter on the wall caught my eye. The one that had started it all.

Dear Editor,

I am so frustrated with men. I finally find the guy that makes my heart pound, and he turns out to be a player, just like all the other men I’ve ever met. What is a girl to do? How am I ever going to find Mr. Right? Am I doomed to be a spinster the rest of my life? Please, help!


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Author Interview with Katherine Barger

Author Interview with Allison Pearl

“Thank you for the information but I think I’ll be going now.”

Detective Young dropped her arms and braced herself against the table. “Excuse me?”

Lizzy slid a business card across the table. “Any other questions you have can go to my lawyer.”

The detective flicked the card away. “I can hold you here.”

Finally, Lizzy let herself roll her eyes. “You’ll be holding a statue because I promise you won’t get another word. And if you drag my lawyer in here, he won’t have any comment either. I’ve given you nothing and you’ve just laid out your whole case. Get some evidence that isn’t circumstantial and then arrest me for whatever it is you think I’m involved in. Until then, I’m going home.”

The door flew open and someone burst into the room. The detective smacked a hand on the table. “Get out of here. I’m in the middle of an interrogation.”
Lizzy grinned at her. “Actually, you were just finishing one—” She glanced at the intruder and her mouth dropped open. Agent Lucas Sterling—one of the last people she expected to see here—was looking right at her.

“What are you doing here?” A flash of panic coursed through her. If the FBI was coming to take her, things could be a lot worse than she thought.

He shrugged. “Your boyfriend called me.”

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Author Interview with Katherine Barger

Author Interview with Malinda Fulgate

Welcome to the Blog Malinda! Tell us a little bit about yourself: I’m a full-time children’s ministry director at a local church in Southern California, though I also have a background in theater, film, and radio. I love living by the beach with my dog, Yoshi. When...

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