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You’ve seen this photo before – it’s my “inspiration” photo for Kira Summers, the heroine of NORTHERN DECEPTION. I found this generic shot on Google two years ago, looking for light brunette actresses and her eyes caught my attention. Not knowing who she really is made it easier to “cast” her in my mind’s eye movie.

This week I’d like to share my updated Pinterest Board for the book. It’s got photos of most of the real-life locations, as well as many wonderful polar bear shots I’ve collected doing my research for the story. 

Here’s the link to my Pinterest Board:

This photo was taken by my husband a few years ago. This is the Inukshuk I mention in the book, when Lukas is taking his client group out to the Wildlife Management Area for their tour. It’s on the shore of Hudson Bay, on the beach area. That’s the Port of Churchill granaries building in the background. The granaries play a big part in the book as well.
This is the famous Cafe I modeled “Ruby’s Cafe and Emporium” on. Gypsy’s served as the only bakery in Churchill for almost thirty years. Unfortunately, it burned down on the long May weekend in 2018, and the owner hasn’t rebuilt it.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment in Churchill, Manitoba, where my fictional police officers Ben Koper and Seth MacKenzie work.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tour of Churchill, Manitoba, the setting for NORTHERN DECEPTION: Heroes of the Tundra. 

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