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Yesterday afternoon we took the kiddos to see Avengers: End Game. If anyone here’s already seen it – no spoilers for the rest, please! My hubby already knew the ending, apparently. And I was sad and felt teary-eyed but not because of the ending but because I realized that these wonderful Marvel movies have been a mainstay in the past ten years of our kiddo’s lives. It’s gone so fast!

We’ve moved twice.
My husband was deployed to Afghanistan.
He’s traveled across the world a second time.
The kiddos went to three different high schools.
I’ve had two reconstructive shoulder surgeries.
I’ve had two concussions from falls.
My son fell and nearly lost the use of his right foot but the surgery worked out.
I finally got published.

And throughout all of that living, we saw every single Marvel Comic movie and enjoyed the storytelling, the characters, bought the action figures, hung the posters in bedrooms, bought the video games, bought the comic books for Christmases. They were the background “music” track to our lives this past decade.

And I’m forever grateful that my children enjoyed the heroes and heroines of the Marvel “universe” on the big screen. Because they can’t read “big” books, but they can understand movies.

My husband and I enjoyed the movies as well but we enjoyed our children’s joy more.

So, thank you Stan Lee, (posthumously, I know) for your prodigious writing talent and creative vision that thought up these marvelous characters. Thank you to Hollywood and the Russo brothers who gave us this decade of fabulous entertainment and wonder. And thanks to Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and the rest or the original Avengers who gave us ten years of your lives to portray characters that only previously existed on pulp paper.

I’m just sorry it had to end.