LAURIE: I’m so glad you could join us today to talk about your new book and your writing journey. First of all, can you tell us a bit about your book and what inspired you to write this story?

KATY: Thanks for having me! A Heart Held Captive is about a physical therapist who has turned over a new leaf after a series of shallow relationships. He ends up falling for a woman who he learns is paying for the PT of a foster boy she barely knows, and he is intrigued by her desire to put others before herself. This very lifestyle, however, is what makes it so hard to convince her to focus on her own need for companionship and love.

What inspired me to write this story was the concept that humility and sacrifice could be more beautiful than someone’s outward appearance or social status; Cole’s attraction to Emily was initiated by her generosity more than anything else. The story also shows that freedom in Christ means not having to live our lives feeling guilty over (or “held captive” to) events from our past.

LAURIE: And is this the first book you have coming out with Anaiah Press?

KATY: No, this is actually my third. Blast from Her Past and Christmas in Meadow Creek were both released last year with Anaiah Press.

LAURIE: What led you to publish with Anaiah Press?

KATY: I had done research on various Christian publishers, and Anaiah seemed like a great fit. I submitted my initial manuscript to a handful of publishers, and Anaiah was the first to respond. I had such a great experience with them that I didn’t even submit my second and third manuscripts to any other publishers.

My books are straight up romance. It’s what I relate to the most. I do throw some comedic elements in, and I suppose the little surprises and discoveries my characters make throughout the story could be considered mild suspense 😊 But, overall, contemporary romance just comes the most natural for me.

LAURIE: Are there any authors who’ve influenced you in your writing? Do you have any favourite authors?

KATY: I’m not really the type to latch on to any one author. I read a variety of books and authors, so probably without even realizing it, they’ve all contributed to my writing style in small ways.

LAURIE: How long has it taken you to get published?

KATY: I’ve loved writing ever since I was a kid, but my first serious attempt at publishing came about fifteen years ago. When that attempt failed, I started getting busy with my career and eventually motherhood, leaving behind the dream of being a published author. But then about three or four years ago, I started writing more seriously again. In early 2017, I signed my first contract with Anaiah, which became Blast from Her Past, published in January 2018.

LAURIE: What advice would you give to other writers trying to break in to the Christian market?

KATY: Find a writing community—online, in your community, wherever—that can beta read, encourage, and give advice along the way. Don’t be afraid to have someone read, edit and pick apart your manuscript. That’s how we learn and improve. Also, don’t do it for money, because that is not a guarantee even if you do end up getting published. But as long as you still find joy in writing, you should follow that dream!

LAURIE: What hobbies do you like to do when you’re not writing? Anything else you’d like our readers to know about you and your work?

KATY: I like to read, take walks and bike rides, bake, and play the piano. I also work full time, volunteer with my church’s youth group, and have two sons (ages ten and eight), so there’s always something keeping me busy!

LAURIE: Where can your readers find you on social media?



LAURIE: And finally, how long do we have to wait for your next book?

KATY: That’s still up in the air. I do have a work in progress, but these last couple years have been a whirlwind for me, so I think I’m going to take a little break so I can stop and smell the roses more 😊

LAURIE: Well, for now we’re going to enjoy your newest book A Heart Held Captive. Here’s the beautiful cover and the back blurb:

Book Blurb:
Physical therapist Cole Pearson has had his share of shallow relationships. But a year spent focusing on God opened his eyes to what he really wants in life. When he learns that ER nurse Emily Jenkins has volunteered to pay for a foster child’s therapy, he is inexplicably drawn to her generous spirit. If only he can convince her to take things beyond their casual conversations at the clinic.
Emily is a prisoner to her past mistakes and insists on paying a price God never asked her to pay. When she finally allows herself to grow closer to Cole, her faulty theology is shattered and her wounded heart begins to mend. But when tragedy strikes, Emily is sent into a tailspin. Can Cole help her grasp the freedom of God’s grace, or will she revert back to the captivity of her old ways and shut Cole out of her life for good?
About the Author:
Katy Eeten lives in southeast Wisconsin with her husband and their two sons. Writing has long been her passion, and she now has three published works to her name. When she’s not working at her full-time job or writing, Katy enjoys taking walks, baking, and spending time with her family.