Today I’m so happy to welcome Anaiah author Michelle Lowe to the blog! Welcome, Michelle! Please tell us a bit about yourself.


I have lived in the same small area of North Carolina all of my life. I am blessed to have my husband of over twenty-two years, Brian, and our son, Jake, who is eighteen. We also have a very spoiled bluetick-mix, Daisy. I am a registered nurse as well as an author. I work part-time for a small company out of Raleigh completing nursing assessments during the week and I enjoy writing in my free time.


I’m excited that your first book is out now. Please tell us a bit about it:


THE AUTUMN KEEPSAKE is an inspirational novella about a girl and her best friend; a sweet old hound dog named Laura. Laura has been with Tessa Stanley through thick and thin– including an unimaginable childhood tragedy. In the story, Tessa and Laura bond with their eccentric eighty-four-year-old neighbor, Mrs. Charleston. And when Tessa accidentally calls the police on the woman’s nephew, who also happens to be the local fire chief, she is unexpectedly reconnected to the past and the secret namesake behind her dog’s special name.


That’s an intriguing premise! Who was your favourite character to write in the story?


My favorite character is Mrs. Charleston, Tessa’s neighbor. She is such a colorful woman at eighty-four years of age. Petite, with fiery red hair, she laughs a lot and often smells of her characteristic rose perfume. My favorite aspect is how she drives her beige antique automobile, spinning up dust in the neighborhood as she comes and goes!


Do you have a favourite author or book?


I sure do! I love Victoria Holt. My mom had all of her hardback books, which I now have on a special bookshelf. These are old books, historical romances, and I often find extra copies at thrift stores. I’ve even read many of Victoria Holt’s books twice. My favorite book is THE BLACK OPAL. This is kind of ironic, because I write contemporary romances. I really admire authors who have the knowledge and expertise to write in the genre of historical romance.


I adore Victoria Holt! I think I’ve read and re-read most of her books, including THE BLACK OPAL. Do you experience writer’s block? What do you do to get through it?


I do experience writer’s block at times. If I come to a dilemma in a story, I usually put my work away and just give it time. I also enjoy walking in the early evenings down our gravel driveway through the woods, and this is when I come up with many ideas for characters and details. It’s my quiet time, and the peaceful surroundings (we live in a rural area) are really conducive to creativity. I keep notebooks in many rooms of our home so that I can easily jot down ideas when they come to mind.


Are you a morning person or a night owl?


I am definitely a morning person. I really enjoy reading in the morning with my first cup of coffee. I go to bed early and have been doing this since Jake was little. I go to bed around 8:30pm on some nights! I’m usually tuckered out by then!


Check out this gorgeous cover:




Fresh out of a broken engagement, Tessa Stanley is in desperate need of a distraction from her ex-fiancé’s betrayal—and she finds it in the form of a man lurking around her 84-year-old neighbor’s home. Little does she know when she calls the police, the trespasser is none other than Nicholas Beck, the local fireman and her neighbor’s great-nephew. Talk about a bad first impression!

Thankfully, Nicholas shows her the beauty of grace and forgiveness, and as the seasons turn, the two grow closer. But when her ex shows up on her doorstep, begging for forgiveness, Tessa might be at risk of losing more than just her heart.


Here is an excerpt from THE AUTUMN KEEPSAKE:


Now, all of a sudden, she found herself at a loss for words. “I thought I should apologize one more time for the other day, I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions,” she stammered.

His smile told her he wasn’t in the least concerned. “Like I told you, I’m glad you’re looking out for my Aunt Thelma. I don’t always call her my great-aunt, she’s more like my aunt,” he further explained. “And she thinks she can do absolutely anything, but she is getting older. I’m glad she has a good neighbor that cares about her.”

Apparently, he was finished working because he began gathering his tools, placing them in the toolbox of his truck as he spoke, looking at Tessa rather curiously.

“Where’s your daughter?”

“My daughter?” Tessa repeated his question, confused.

“Laura. Don’t you have a daughter named Laura? I heard you and my aunt mention her.”

“No, Laura is my bluetick hound dog.” Tessa laughed heartily.

“Really?” Nicholas asked with a look of interest.

“Yes. People often laugh at her name. But there’s a really special reason why I named her Laura. My grandfather gave her to me when I was eleven.” She didn’t want to ramble too much, and only her closest friends knew the real meaning behind Laura’s name.

He had closed his toolbox and was standing in front of her, taking off his work gloves. “I love hounds. My family has had many hound dogs over the years, but rarely do you see blueticks as pets. Interesting.” He used the word interesting a lot when referring to her. He rubbed his chin, seemingly in deep thought. “I’d like to meet her some time.”




Love this! What’s next for you as an author?


I have a Christmas novella which is coming out from Anaiah Press on November 4th, and a summer novella to be released in July of next year. I am very honored and excited!


You’re a busy author for sure! Thank you for sharing your story with us. Where can people find you online?


You can find me on social media at…



I love to connect with readers, so please drop by and say hello!


Thanks so much for joining us, Michelle. I’m looking forward to your Christmas novella in November!