Welcome to the Blog, Ann! Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a wife, mom of four, writer, and coffee connoisseur. We live in the Capital region of Canada (where both official languages are spoken on a daily basis!) which is a significant starting point for traveling east or west with our trailer. We love to camp, so we spend most of our summers traveling to unknown places. Though, the Gaspésie region of eastern Quebec is our favourite spot to camp (and the inspiration for one of my novels).

What was the catalyst for your interest in writing?

When I was in elementary school, I loved reading. I loved it so much that I volunteered to help in the library every day after school. When I was in Grade Five, my librarian encouraged me to enter a writing contest. I won and was invited to a conference held at the University of Guelph, where I met published authors. Then, in college, my English professor asked if I’d ever thought about writing books. It wasn’t until twenty years after that chat that I wrote my first novel.

Who was your favorite character to create?

By far, Mrs.Sweeney was the most fun to create, followed by Tilly. Mrs. Sweeney is the culmination of several women who have been influential in my life. And the inspiration from Tilly came from my best friend. She’s the first to tell me the truth—without coating it in sweetness, but she’s the best of the best and I’m so blessed to have her for my friend.

How did you come up with the names of your hero and/or heroine?

I looked up the popular baby names from the approximate year my characters would have been born. From that list, I started thinking about how many people I knew with those names and it went from there.

What does your family think of your writing?

My husband and kids are super supportive. They especially love it when I finish writing a novel because then I make homemade ice cream to celebrate my accomplishment. My girls are anxiously waiting for me to finish writing a series of middle grade books for them and are full of ideas how the stories should work out. Those books are my fun projects in between other writing projects.

Are you part of a writing group?

I’m a part of several writing groups and I’m so thankful for each person who has helped me along the way. I’m a member of Faith Hope Love Christian Writers, American Christian Fiction Writers, and The Word Guild. I’ve learned so much from the webinars provided by FHLCW and the open discussions about everything to do with writing; ACFW’s novel track keeps me accountable to other writers and inspires me to keep plowing through my WIPs when I don’t have enough steam to keep going; and The Word Guild is providing great insight to the world of self-publishing in Canada. Then, there are friendships I’ve formed from these groups, individuals who have helped me tremendously in different facets. I’m grateful that you’re one of them, Laurie!

And I’m grateful for your friendship as well!

What’s next for you as an author?

I currently have two novels being considered for publication with a major publishing house, I’ve received a full manuscript request for my historical novel (which I’m still writing), and I’m in the early stages of dipping my toes in the world of indie publishing. And, hopefully, I’ll have a story to gift my girls this Christmas.



Give us a quick blurb about your Christmas book…

All she needs is to get home for Christmas. All he needs is a Christmas miracle.

The last person PR Director, Stephanie Clark expected to rescue her from a winter storm was the best friend, and love of her life, who abandoned her twelve years prior. Editor-in-Chief Jason Miller regrets everything about walking away from the story that would have defined his career, but ruined Stephanie’s family. In a holiday season full of surprises they must fight for truth and risk losing everything, or learn to have faith again and trust God’s perfect plan, despite their circumstances.


Share your favorite excerpt from your book:

There’s a bit of a mystery going on around town that Stephanie and Jason are working to solve.

“At first, I thought it was a prank, but like you wrote in your article this morning, a

lot of that is happening and I wonder why.”

Sally placed a hand on her hip as Stephanie opened the folded paper.

“What do you make of the note?”

Sally shrugged. “Beats me. Says, ‘I.O.U. four reindeer’ so I’m waiting to either get

paid or find my little guys back in their spot sometime soon.” Sally waved to onlookers

outside in the cold who returned the gesture.

“Thing is, I’m happy to spread Christmas cheer, but it’s a puzzle as to why someone

would have a reason to do this. After all, this is the center of New England Christmas,

good will and peace toward men. No other town does Christmas better than Winterberry

Falls. I don’t know of many who would begrudge helping another find a little bit of


Sally’s eyes dimmed. Stephanie frowned. The woman’s statement made a lot of sense, but it brought up

more questions than answers.


I’ve read it and loved it! It’s a wonderful Christmas romance!


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