Favourite Holiday?

Definitely Thanksgiving – I LOVE turkey dinner and pumpkin pie!

Favourite Spectator Sport?

I’m Canadian so definitely ICE hockey!

Donuts or brownies?

Brownies – because – CHOCOLATE!

Favourite Pie?

 I really love pecan or pumpkin.

Favourite TV Shows?

Blacklist, Whiskey Cavalier, SEAL Team, FBI, Gone, Criminal Minds, Knightfall, Vikings, The Fix, The Rookie, The Good Doctor, Bull, Outlander, Absentia.

Favourite Movies?

Last of the Mohicans, Gladiator, Gone With The Wind

Travel or stay home?

Travel although hubby is the lucky one who gets to do that most of the time.

Pizza or pasta?

Definitely pizza.

Tea or coffee?

Coffee, in LARGE mugs, several times a day…

Paperback or ebook?

Paperbacks for “keepers”; I have 335 e-books on my Kindle

Computer or pen and paper?

Computer most of the time; pen and paper if I’m “blocked”.

Car or plane?

Car. I’m afraid of flying and will only do it when I *have* to.

Savory or sweet?


Contemporary or historical?

My first love is always historical! I love the medieval period, Tudors, Georgian, WWI and WW2. For contemporary I prefer sub-genres like suspense, mystery to go with my romance.

Europe or Asia?

Europe – I’ve only been once and want to go back.

Vacation or staycation?

I’d just about kill for a true vacation away right now, lol! 

Write at home or elsewhere?

I do both. Because of our long winters, I do like getting out to the library or coffee shop once in a while to write.

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