Last night I posted on Facebook about the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. The senseless killing of 19 children and their two teachers outraged me. I asked how any mother who’d borne a child, adopted a child, or poured her life into a little one, wouldn’t also be outraged by what had happened. Because after shock, the normal reaction is anger.


I think Facebook took down my post because I suggested mothers should march in the streets. Maybe the faceless weenies behind Facebook’s “community standards” thought that was incitement to civil disobedience. Maybe someone “reported” me.


I don’t know and I don’t care. I was trying to express my deep feelings about the loss of 19 beautiful, innocent lives gone forever.


Today I’ve seen all the live news broadcasts from Texas, and I’ve listened carefully to the Governor, LT-Governor, the Sheriff, the Mayor, etc. While the police gave a straightforward and factual account of their investigation of Ramos so far, everyone else concentrated on the need for more “mental health” services in “the area”.


Do they think the average American is stupid?


Was Ramos in need of “mental health” services? So far, he appears to have been a high school drop out who lived with his 66 yr old grandmother and was in an online “relationship” with a girl in Germany.


He Facetimed with her every day. Sometimes he told her upsetting things, for example that he  sometimes “threw dead cats at buildings”.  She thought he was “alone a lot of the time” and didn’t seem to have many friends.


There’s the profile of an under-achiever, a lonely, maladjusted teenage male with no real relationships but who has the money to buy himself TWO semi-automatic guns for his birthday along with 325 rounds of ammunition.


But here’s the thing. You could’ve given Ramos daily counselling appointments for the past year and maybe he would’ve gotten better, and his crisis point would’ve been under control. Maybe. Probably.


But you know what would’ve worked 100%?


Not. Being. Able. To. Buy. An. AR-15 Gun.

Or. A. Handgun.

Or.  A. Rifle.



  Parents, you’re being sold a couple of whopping lies.


Lie #1:

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.  NO! That’s a lie.

People WITH GUNS kill people!


Lie #2:

Evil walks among us and we can’t prevent evil things from happening.  NO! That’s a lie.

          I agree that there are *evil* people among us.

           JUST. DON’T. GIVE. THEM. GUNS.



Lie #3:

We need teachers armed and trained, along with police officers in schools.

          NO! That’s a lie!

          See #1 above! Get the guns off the street!


Lie #4:

Gun control doesn’t work. NO! That’s a lie.


             If you want to see how other countries have handled mass shootings and gun control, here is a recent Washington Post article, which includes how Canada has dealt with it:


Mothers and fathers, your children are dying. You need to WAKE UP and do something about it. Demand change to your gun laws. Demand it till you have no more tears, no more energy. Demand it until you’ve exhausted every resource you have, and your politicians finally LISTEN TO YOU.

  Gun control DOES work.


I’m heartbroken, angry, and confused. I know I’m crying into the void and my words won’t change a thing. But if even *one* person reads this and thinks “never again”, then I’ve done my job.

For God in His Heaven, never again.