We spent July on holidays because my husband’s family came west for a change to visit us. And we took in our favourite two things in the summer: Goldeyes Baseball games and the Assiniboine Park Zoo!

The Winnipeg Goldeyes belong to the American Independent Baseball Association and are the only Canadian team in the league. We’re not doing as well this year as the past two years. 2016 and 2017 we won back-to-back League Championships! But it’s not for lack of fan appreciation as we regularly sell out our 6500 seat stadium in support of our beloved team.

And that’s a sleeping polar bear on the other side of the window from my son. I took that picture in the Tundra Cafe at the Zoo when we stopped in for a quick snack. The Zoo is home to six polar bears of varying ages. All have been brought down from Churchill, Manitoba because they’ve either been orphaned or involved in human/bear encounters and haven’t been able to stay away from the town. Here, they’re safe and will live out to an old age.

How is your summer going? There’s only three weeks left! 

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